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UC Regents Approve Precision Cancer Medicine Building at Mission Bay

Apr 26, 2017
The Precision Cancer Medicine Building, which will provide outpatient cancer care to complement services at the UCSF Medical Center at Mission Bay, was approved this week by the University of California Board of Regents.

UCSF Hires Vice Chancellor to Nurture Inventions, Bring Products to Market at More Advanced Stage

Apr 25, 2017
UCSF has hired Harold E. “Barry” Selick as its first vice chancellor for business development, innovation and partnerships.

‘Stand Up For Science’ Teach-In, Rally Highlight Importance of Public Support, Diversity in Science

Apr 25, 2017
Hundreds of people eager to show their support for science turned out for UC San Francisco’s Stand Up For Science teach-in and rally on April 22, which highlighted diversity and the importance of federal funding for research.

Howard Pinderhughes Inspires Community Healing in Last Lecture

Apr 24, 2017
Howard Pinderhughes, associate professor and chair of social and behavioral sciences in the UCSF School of Nursing, delivered the 2017 Last Lecture, which has the prompt: “If you had but one lecture to give, what would you say?”

Video Game Promotes Better Attention Skills in Some Children with Sensory Processing Dysfunction

Apr 24, 2017
A video game under development as a medical device boosts attention in some children with sensory processing dysfunction.

How Computers are Searching for Drugs of the Future

Apr 24, 2017
Researchers at UCSF and elsewhere are turning to virtual experiments for the initial steps of drug development.

David Julius Honored with 2017 Gairdner Award for Groundbreaking Pain Research

Apr 24, 2017
David Julius, professor and chair of the Department of Physiology at UCSF, was named on March 28 to receive the 2017 Canada Gairdner International Award, one of the most prestigious prizes in biomedicine.

Virtual System Works in Managing Diabetes for Hospital Patients

Apr 24, 2017
An innovative virtual glucose management service for hospitalized patients with diabetes is highly effective at maintaining appropriate glucose levels.

New Polio Virus Evolution Insights Could Lead to Improved Vaccine

Apr 24, 2017
UCSF researchers have helped to identify the three evolutionary steps the polio virus used to evolve from harmless vaccine into a regional menace. With the new knowledge, they have developed a new polio vaccine that should be unable to escape and cause outbreaks.

As Health Policy Faces Change Under the New Administration, Drew Altman Gives an Outlook

Apr 24, 2017
Health policies under the new presidential administration could bring widespread changes at the national and statewide level, according to Drew Altman, president and chief executive of the Henry J. Kaiser Family Foundation, who spoke about the topic at UCSF on March 21.

UCSF Is Top Public Recipient of NIH Research Funding for 6th Consecutive Year

Apr 24, 2017
UCSF was the top public recipient of biomedical research grants from the National Institutes of Health or the sixth consecutive year in 2016, and the second-highest recipient among all public and private institutions nationwide.

2016 NIH Funding: A Look at Top Recipients and Their Research

Apr 24, 2017
Learn more about some of the UCSF researchers who received the top funding from the National Institutes of Health in 2016.

New Funding Will Support Research into Biology of Malaria Parasite

Apr 22, 2017
UCSF researcher Grant Dorsey received federal funding for the Program for Resistance, Immunology, Surveillance and Modeling of Malaria in Uganda.

Oxytocin, the 'Love Hormone,' Being Tested for Treatment of PTSD and Alcohol Abuse

Apr 22, 2017
A new trial may hold new hope for military personnel with PTSD and alcohol abuse through treatment with oxytocin, sometimes referred to as the “love hormone.”

Clinicians, Researchers Collaborate to Predict and Prevent Pediatric Falls in the Hospital

Apr 22, 2017
A collaborative research project aimed at preventing falls among hospitalized children is teaming clinical and nursing administration staff at UCSF Benioff Children’s Hospital San Francisco with nurse researchers at the UCSF School of Nursing.