Microbiology 204 Molecular and Cellular Immunology

This is an introductory graduate level course open to students from BMS, PIBS, Pharmaceutical Chemistry and other UCSF graduate programs.

Course Director
Anthony DeFranco
email: anthony.defranco@ucsf.edu
phone:(415) 476-5488

Mechanisms of immunoglobulin gene rearrangements, cell biology of antigen presentation to T-cells and of lymphocyte trafficking, antigen and cytokine receptor structure and signal transduction mechanisms, regulation of lymphocyte development and lymphocyte activation, mechanisms of cell-mediated killing of infected and neoplastic cells, whole organism immune response to infection, and diseases of the immune system, including allergy, autoimmunity, and AIDS.

Course Details
Course meets three times per week, Monday, Wednesday, and Friday from 1-2:30pm . The class will be broadcast to Mission Bay (room Gen. S-271). About 3/4 of the course will be lectures; the other 1/4 will be discussion sections. 

Grades will be based on participation in discussion sections and performance on take-home final exam.

Note: Lecture portion of the course is open to auditors. Auditors wishing to take part in the discussion sections must have prior consent of the instructor.

Live Stream and archive availalbe Click Here (UCSF M\yAccess login required)

None, but some background in molecular biology and cell biology would be useful.